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Thanks for your service! Yesterday I gave the proficiency exam as you could see from the exam details above! I would like to spend two words about the test and the examiner ! It has been just simply amazing! I did enjoy it ! Ya I’ve got level 5 and that is most probably my own very level without hiding my intention to get 6 ! I speak English on regular basis and I’ve been leaving in South Africa for years! Plus,  10 % of my blood is American , this is from the side of my mom father , my grandfather!  But Am really happy about getting 5 I would do better in 6 year time! With this  I then you very much  Wishing you all the best! 

ICAO English candidate

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Insight   19 Sep 2023

Aviation English is a formal language

Aviation English is a special type of communication language that pilots use while flying an aircraft. This special use of English is important for safe and efficient operation of the aircraft in an airspace regardless of aircraft category. 

Information   25 Nov 2018

BLOG: My ICAO English validity has expired

You have a problem. But we'll gladly assist.

Information   25 Nov 2018

BLOG: Validity of ICAO English

The ICAO English qualification is time-limited except Level 6.

Information   25 Nov 2018

BLOG: Where is ICAO language proficiency endorsed?

Where is ICAO English endorsed...?

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