ICAO Slovak

ICAO Slovak established by ICAO ▪️ EASA Slovak established by EASA 

By attending the language proficiency exam in Aero Language, you will receive language certificate issued in accordance with both ICAO Slovak and EASA Slovak regulatory standards.

ICAO Slovak assessment ✅

In compliance with ICAO requirements the ICAO Slovak exam is divided into a number of sections. The whole language assessment takes between 20-30 minutes.

  • Interview
  • Visual analysis
  • Communication with ATC (Simulation)
  • Audio analysis (listening ATC)
  • Video analysis (watching the movie)

ICAO Slovak assessment will be led by a language proficiency examiner.  Aero Language provides ICAO Slovak exam mostly for a pilots.

⚠️ ICAO Slovak or EASA Slovak ⚠️

All EASA licences and its privileges (except for LAPL, EIR and some other ratings) they are all issued in accordance with both ICAO and EASA standards as well. If you are a foreigner with sound command of Slovak language, only way how to legally communicate in Slovak language while flying an aircraft is to attend the ICAO Slovak exam.

If you want to communicate in Slovak language - e.g. during the different club championships or glider cups the ICAO Slovak qualification is a must same as is pilot's license and medical certificate.