ProfiPilot Academy is our partner flight school

As there is a driving school for drivers, there is a flight school  for pilots providing flight training .

Our partner company - ProfiPilot Academy - meets the strict international ICAO and European EASA standards for providing training for pilots. As an  EASA flight school , ProfiPilot Academy is authorized to provide a wide range of aviation trainings and courses.

Are you undertaking flight training?

If you're currently undertaking flight training or flight school selection, we'll be happy to see you at one of our theory courses provided by our flight school . We offer you an opportunity to broaden your flight horizons.

The choice of flight school is important

You might be currently thinking where to undertake flight training and which flight school meets your needs. Whether you're looking for a PPL(A) private pilot license or advanced training such as an instrument rating - IR(A), we'll gladly assist you. We understand the business we do and we do it with pleasure.

The choice of flight school has a substantial effect on the flight training quality and consequently on your safety. Especially in case of private pilot  - PPL(A) license, you may encounter a range of flight schools and flight training prices. Quite often, the main argument of "cheaper" flight schools is that in the end, after all, you receive the same private pilot  - PPL(A) license as if you had taken it in a reputable and potentially more expensive flight school .


EASA license

ICAO to EASA transfer is not an easy task. It also depends on what exactly should be transferred into the EASA pilot's license. Every year, we help to complete several ICAO to EASA transfers. We handle each case individually. In cooperation with ProfiPilot Academy, we provide flight training necessary for obtaining the EASA license.

EASA typerating

When transferring ICAO to EASA, the current ratings and certificates you have on your ICAO license are very important. Due to a wide range of our qualifications and authorizations, we can provide you with a simple and smooth ICAO to EASA transfer regardless of you are a private pilot or a airline transport pilot with Boeing 737, Bombardier CRJ or Cessna 525 typeratings.

EASA Flight School

The ProfiPilot Academy flight school is run by qualified pilots, instructors and examiners. The mutual cooperation between Aero Language and ProfiPilot Academy guarantees the comfort and professionalism. Whether you are looking for a flight school to complete private pilot training - PPL(A), or for any additional modular training - such as instrument rating, we will be happy to help you. We understand what we do and we do it with joy and passion.

Flight school of your choice

Appropriate selection of flight school makes significant impact on quality and safety of your flight training. Especially in case of private pilot license - PPL(A) there is significant variety in prices. The simple argument of "cheaper" flight schools is very simple at first glance - you will get the same pilot license at the end of the day. However, this is definitely not the case and at the end such a choice may return to you unpleasantly ...

EASA Flight Examiner

EASA Examiners

In ProfiPilot, we provide complex services for pilots and flight crew members under one roof. Our EASA Flight Examiners are qualified to provide all checkrides for small aeroplanes. Our Type Rating Examiners are authorized to provide range of checkrides towards Cessna 525Bombarider CRJ and Boeing 737.

Senior flight examiner

We perform hundreds of professional license proficiency checks, instructor assessments of competence, and license skill tests a year. Valueble members of the ProfiPilot team are also senior flight examiner entitled to perform the examiner assessments of competence over the flight examiners and TREs.

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