Failed ICAO English?

We're sorry if you didn't pass the language proficiency exam.
It is, however, not the end of your aviation career. But if you want to improve your language skills and language proficiency, you should consider proper language proficiency training. Afterwards, you should get another attempt to pass the language proficiency exam again. The reasons for failing the exam depends on the person. It is therefore necessary to analyze your weak spots and with the help of our language professional, eliminate them. It is necessary to undertake course tailored to your individual needs.

Most exam candidates who failed ICAO English LEVEL 4 exam lost it only by a narrow margin. Thus, a few hours of individual lessons usually suffice and most pilots are able to pass ICAO English LEVEL 4 in a very short time.

If you think that the results of your language proficiency exam are wrong, you can send an appeal.