How do I keep in mind ICAO English exam expiry date?

You can try to remember your ICAO English expiration date. Or you can simply rely on our Aero Language ADMIN system of validity monitoring.

Also, ICAO English expiry date is written on your certificate of language proficiency which you receive after a successful ICAO English exam.

Aero Language provided both ICAO and Part FCL validity of ICAO English expiry dates in the appendix to the Language proficiency certificate.

If you're a pilot or an air traffic controller, the date is also endorsed into your flight crew license.

ICAO English language proficiency and its validity period are endorsed directly into the pilot license. If you're a pilot, look for ICAO English and its validity period in field XII of your license under the "remarks" title in the format - valid till DD.MM.YYYY.

We realize that in case of a number of qualifications, you may simply miss the ICAO English expiry date. All ICAO English qualifications are therefore archived in self-developed Aero Language ADMIN system. The validity is checked on a daily basis. Aero Language ADMIN notifies you in advance in case of ICAO English is about to expire. You receive first email 100 days before the expiry date, then a series of notification email in a span of 90, 45, 30, 14, 7, and 1 days before the ICAO English expiry date.