Aviation Phraseology course

Smell like an aviator✈️ speak Aero Language like an aviator ✓

Aero Language, or aviation language is the aviation communication used in aviation during voice communication. It consists of a group of abbreviations, short messages, various phrases, and standard expressions - all of them specific to aviation.

Communication course for pilots

 Most of them are very intuitive, still, understood by few besides aviation. Aviation communication and radio-phraseology procedures are important elements of flight training in flight school. Since pilots on frequency use their voice, aviation communication is often the only way to tell if the participants act professionally.

Why Communication course for pilots?

Aviation language, especially aviation English is an expression - figuratively speaking - a signature marking pilot's professionalism. It is the only option to spot an aviation professional on the frequency. Aviation professional speaks good aviation language. On the other hand, too long or too short transmissions pointlessly complicate aviation communication. This often leads to unnecessary cases when pilots have to spend valuable time clarifying the content of their transmissions and often using "say again".

Aviation communication is verbal and often runs on very busy frequencies. Thus, the communication is usually brief, clear, and standard. Non-standardly used radio-phraseology can unnecessarily prolong the time spent transmitting on frequency in order to clarify the content of the transmitted message. The use of non-standard radio-phraseology has often led to deadly aviation accidents - just to mention one - the disastrous crash at Tenerife airport.

VFR English

Relaxed VFR communication ✈️ makes your flight more enjoyable ✓

VFR communication course

Yes, you should have learned it properly in the flight school. However we know how it often works. Aero Language has designed and prepared its own VFR Communication course for recreational pilots - primarily holders of private pilot and light aircraft pilot licences. Our lecturers will teach you to communicate and prepare you for lots of different scenarios you might encounter while flying VFR.

we can guarantee you no fear anymore while flying to international airport or crossing crowded airspace.

  • listening and comprehension of ATIS, flight planning
  • initial contact with ATC and ATC clearence, taxi clearance
  • emergency procedures during taxiing
  • takeoff clearance, departure procedures, emergency procedures
  • alternate airport diversion planing
  • holding patterns entry procedures, holding patterns
  • approach procedures, landing clearance and taxi
  • apron parking, runway incursion prevention, engine shut-down

IFR English

Proper IFR communication ✈️ makes a proper IFR pilot ✓

IFR communication course

Future professional pilots or „IFR pilots“ might appreciate IFR communication course. During the aviation communication course, Aero Language trainers explain you and prepares you for basic phraseology use during different phases of IFR flight:

  • listening and comprehension of ATIS, flight planning
  • initial contact with ATC and ATC clearence
  • taxi clearance
  • emergency procedures during taxiing
  • takeoff clearance
  • departure procedures
  • emergency procedures
  • alternate airport diversion
  • holding patterns entry procedures
  • holding patterns
  • approach procedures
  • landing clearance and taxi
  • apron parking
  • runway incursion prevention
  • engine shut-down