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Aero Language  prefers  online language proficiency assessments over  face-to-face assessments . Nevertheless, if you prefer to meet one of our  language examiners and attend your  ICAO Exam  in person, we will gladly assist you. 

Same day service is also possible (subject to availability of  language examiner ). If you are in a rush, make sure you choose the same day results. When selecting the time of your appointment, please keep in mind, all times are UTC. Be duly when selecting the state of your license issue  (SOLI) to arrange the proper notifications to respective authorities.

Choose your payment method

There are 3 payment methods available to ensure your best experience. Cards are one of the most popular ways to pay online, with a broad global reach, thus paying by credit card or  debit card  is the preferred payment method for the Aero Language services. Besides the  card payment , the  PayPal and  IBAN/SWIFT  wire transfer methods are available for your own convenience. Please keep in mind that for some of the payment methods a processing fee may be charged.

If you choose to use card pay or PayPal , you will be required to complete the payment process on-side. Should you choose the  IBAN/SWIFT payment method, our system will send you the proforma invoice with payment details. 

ICAO English payments 
ICAO English PayPal payment


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Link to join your ICAO English session

Once registered, you will be provided with the link to join your ICAO English exam session with your Language proficiency examiner. Zoom is our preffered application for the online sessions. For the best experience, we invite you to visit and install the zoom on your device.

What to prepare for ICAO English exam

Except your device, you just need a pen and paper. There is no need to have any other devices nor tools.

How long does the ICAO English take

The ICAO English exam itself takes approximately 25 to 35 minutes. We kindly ask you to allocate approximately 1 hour of your time. Your language examiner will explain you all the details before the exam starts. Language proficiency examiner also needs some additional time for administration and processing of your data.

Wait for final results

Your ICAO English exam needs to be evaluated by at least 2 language assessors. In case if those two do not agree on your final score, third language proficiency examiner has to be involved. This process is done on background and you are continuously being kept in loop by email means. 

If you wish to monitor the status of your ICAO English exam online, we invite you to visit the Aero Language Client's platform. You will find all the details, exam documents and language proficiency certificates

You can easily log-in by your EXAM ID and with Exam confirmation ID that you get in your initial notification email from Aero Language.

We do our utmost to evaluate all ICAO English exams at our earliest occasion. An average exam closing time is approximately 1 - 2 days. If you don't hear from us up to 5 days, please check your spam box, or contact the Aero Language Support team.

Get Your certificate

You will be notified by email about the closing status of your language proficiency exam. We recommend you to monitor closely your mailbox and from time to time check also your spam box.

Our workflow system automatically notifies your Civil Aviation Authority. They have received your language proficiency certificate at the same time like you did. We know what is required and we have prepared everything for you in one place.

ICAO English certificates

There are 2 electronic ICAO English certificates issued by our system delivered to your email. You can choose which one of them you wish to use. Some authorities requiring you to print the certificate and submit it in hardcopy.

Appendices to language proficiency certificate

Most of the CAAs requiring not only the final ICAO English level, but the break down the results by language descriptors. This is listed in the appendix to language proficiency certificate

For a PPL or LAPL trainees, we have prepared handyTemporary certificate which you can use for the solo flights until you get your licence issued by your licencing authority. So you don't need to take the big certificates for your solo flights anymore.

If you like to collect stamps and endorsements, the specific ICAO English logbook endorsement is issued. You can cut it and stick it into your pilot logbook.

Electronic ICAO English certificate

The innovation is in the DNA of Aero Language. We introduced the electronic ICAO English certificate for your mobile devices. You can store your language proficiency certificates in your Wallet applications along with an airline tickets or loyalty cards.

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