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Language proficiency assessments are required by both - international and European regulatory standards. Common name for language proficiency is either Aviation English, but it is most commonly known as a ICAO English

Aero Language is providing ICAO and EASA language assessments towards language proficiency for pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation specialists.

Language Assessment methods provided by Aero Language are covering both regulatory standards:

  • EASA - FCL.055
    • Language proficiency
    • IR English privileges - FCL.055(e)
  • ICAO - Doc 9835

EASA Standards ⬇️

Aeroplane, helicopter, powered-lift and airship pilots required to use the radio communication shall not exercise the privileges of their flight. crew licences and ratings - e.g. instrument rating unless they have a language proficiency endorsement on their licence in either English or the language used for radio communications involved in the flight. European requirements on language proficiency are throughly described in Regulation Ec 1178/2011, Part-FCL, FCL.055.

EASA implements and harmonizes ICAO language proficiency requirements on European level within European, so-called  EASA airspace.

ICAO Standards ⬇️

Most common question when it comes to ICAO English is what does it mean to "have the ability to speak and understand the language used for radiotelephony communications?"

The level of ICAO language proficiency according to ICAO is defined by a so-called ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale which is an attachment to ICAO Annex 1.

The ICAO Rating Scale makes distinction between 6 different levels of language proficiency - starting from ICAO Level 1 (almost no knowledge) to ICAO Level 6 (Expert). The ICAO Rating Scale defines knowledge which must be proven during the examination process in order to receive given ICAO Level. These ICAO levels are commonly so-called the ICAO English Level, when it comes to the ICAO English language proficiency