Language proficiency training

Best aviation ✈️ English training 

Aero Language is a language proficiency provider of your choice ✓. Besides checking, we are providing industry top-end language training services including Language proficiency examiner training.

Aero Language is different

There is a lot of language schools and language specialists on the market. An all of them want to have a students like you are. In most cases it is not more than explanation of past participle, speak a lot about the grammar structures in theory and the difference between aircraft and aeroplane.... 

One important fact to know - we are not an agency, not the language school. We are community of aviation professionals.

Aero Language commits that:

  • we will not force you to attend useless and long trainings
  • once our customer, we will provide you with necessary consultancy
  • we are providing industry top-end services

We are generally good in three major things:

✅ As one of few companies in Europe, we are authorized to provide initial Language Examiner training.

✅ We are team of professionals to prepare you for your ICAO English exam without washback

✅ We will teach you to communicate. IFR or VFR