ICAO English course

Best aviation ✈️ English training 

You'll be well-prepared for ICAO English exam. Aero Language however can not guarantee your success, but we can guarantee we'll do everything for the successful outcome❤️ ICAO English training is provided face to face ✓ and also online ✓.

How long is ICAO English training ✅

If anybody tells you to attend 90 minutes ICAO English course with 8-10 persons in the classroom please run away as fast as you can :-) Besides pilots and other operational experts an Aero Language team consists also of university teachers. We all know it requires much more than 90 minutes to at least brush-up your knowledge for an ICAO English assessment

Remember, during the refresh course we have to focus on:

  • vocabulary
  • structure
  • comprehension
  • interaction
  • pronunciation
  • fluency

Is it really possible to teach you all of the above in aviation-related context within 90 minutes? Of course not. You need to gain the language proficiency. Our shortest ICAO English refresh course last 180 minutes for maximum of 2 persons. That is for experienced speakers to brush-up aviation-related English.