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Best aviation ✈️ English training 


ICAO English refresh ✈️ Training to pass the ICAO English assessment ✅ without washback.

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 ICAO English refresh face to face ✓ and also online ✓ by Lecturers with academic experience.

Refresh course

ICAO English refresh ✈️ No washback. Straight to the point ✅

First exam

ICAO English refresh ✈️ Training to pass the ICAO English for the very first time ✅

Demo Exam

Best aviation ✈️ English training 

ICAO English training is individual

 If anybody tells you to attend 90 minutes ICAO English course with 8-10 persons in the classroom please run away as fast as you can :-) Besides pilots and other operational experts an Aero Language team consists also of university teachers. We all know it requires much more than 90 minutes to at least brush-up your knowledge for an ICAO English assessment

 Our shortest ICAO English refresh course lasts 180 minutes. That is for experienced speakers to brush-up aviation-related English. 

Our Communication course for pilots

Aviation language, especially aviation English is an expression - figuratively speaking - a signature marking pilot's professionalism. It is the only option to spot an aviation professional on the frequency. Aviation professional speaks good aviation language. On the other hand, too long or too short transmissions pointlessly complicate aviation communication. This often leads to unnecessary cases when pilots have to spend valuable time clarifying the content of their transmissions and often using "say again".

ICAO English Course content

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ICAO English training crafted to perfection

During all our ICAO English training courses we are doing our utmost to develop your language proficiency skills in 6 specific areas. They are so-called language descriptros

  • vocabulary
  • structure
  • comprehension
  • interaction
  • pronunciation
  • fluency

Course commitment

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We can not guarantee you Level 6, but we can guarantee we'll do everything for the successful outcome ❤️ ICAO English training is provided face to face ✓ and also online ✓ by Lecturers with academic experience.

ICAO English Refresh course

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ICAO English refresh without Washback ✅

Some Level 4 or Level 5 holders are looking for refresh course before attending the ICAO English assessment again. Of course, Aero Language has its own training procedures to prepare you for revalidation of your ELP. Some of you might not be using an English for a longer time while flying. Aero Language has designed its own refresher course to prepare you for ICAO English exam and at the same time to avoid wash back effect.

ICAO English for a frist time

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Training will be focused directly on your needs..

First timers usually fear of language proficiency exam. We know that feeling - everybody of us went thru it. Aero Language will guide you thru overall process. We will start with the comprehensive training. Our competency-based approach towards the ICAO English course is considering your current knowledge of English with strong emphasis on aviation-related use. Once we are sure you are able to pass the language assessment assessment, together we will go thru the ICAO English Demo exam. That means we will guide you thru the demo exam and provide you with feedback. So you know what to expect during the real language exam.

ICAO English Demo

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 You will get a feeling of how the  ICAO English exam  feels like. We will tell you what to improve... ✅ Demo ICAO English exam is highly recommended for anyone before the real language assessment . Fear of ICAO English exam  often stems from the lack of experience. That's why Aero Language has designed the  ICAO English DEMO exam  program. Our  Language Proficiency Exam  will guide you through the DEMO Exam . Once completed, our LPE  will provide you feedback:

  • estimated language proficiency Level iaw  ICAO/EASA
  • what needs to be improved
  • areas requiring special emphasis during your  language training

If your estimated language proficiency is acceptable, you can proceed with your ICAO English exam 

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