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In Aero Language, we are using our carefully designed and self-developed workflow processing system. Our system keeps in the loop all the involved bodies including us, clients and customers and our language examines. You can of course check the status of your exam or pay for the services from your user dashboard.

Our eServices are also keeping in the loop the authorities. Inspectors of your authority are informed about your exam, changes as well as the final score. Once you recieve your Language proficiency certificate, you can be sure the authority has the results as well.

All the forms used by our language examiners as well as the training and exam records are entirely electronic. Certificates issued by our system are in electronic form kept electronically available for your later access.

Among others, the following is held online:

  • registration process
  • invoicing
  • ICAO English appointment
  • issue of ICAO English certificate
  • issue of appendix to your certificate
  • appeal/review procedure

We are green

As a leading European ICAO English testing provider, we understand our social responsibility. Therefore we introduced our Green Team policy to minimize the Aero Language carbon footprint.

The primary focus of our Green Team Agenda is to:

  • Minimise the use of materials and energy
  • Minimise the generation of waste
  • Monitor the environmental impact of the business travel and prioritise the online meetings and virtual classrooms
  • Reduce our travel needs by encouraging alternative mechanisms to deliver our services effectively e.g. greater use of video- or tele-conferencing


All we do is entirely paperless. No need to print a single paper during the exam workflow. One would say we did it to be careful to the Nature. Eventhough we are Green Team, we are not green-washed. Our Green Team has the significant impact on the cost management. By having the solely paperless operation saves a lot of direct costs such as paper, printing, postal services, etc. All the savings brings in turn the benefit of offering you the ICAO English exam for the excellent price.

Our happy customers

Green Agenda


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