BLOG: Where is ICAO language proficiency endorsed?

Where is ICAO English endorsed...?

Many pilots, especially pilots undergoing flight training  who are not yet holders of the pilot's license are asking where their ICAO English  is endorsed. We're bringing you a short summary of the issues.

ICAO English language proficiency and its validity period are endorsed directly into the pilot license . If you're a pilot, look for ICAO English and its validity period in field XII of your flight crew license  under the "remarks" title.

Due to the format of EASA flight crew licenses , it is not possible to endorse your revalidated or renewed ICAO English qualification by hand as is usual with other qualification renewals.

ICAO English endorsementICAO English must be endorsed by the national civil aviation authority along with its new expiration date. It is thus necessary to ask for a new pilot license with ICAO English qualification endorsed.

You need to keep that in mind in case you're under time pressure and you need to have the license current. It is necessary to consider that national civil aviation authorities might need some time to have your language proficiency qualification endorsed.

Pilots in training who are not yet holders of a pilot's license must have their ICAO English  certificate on board during all international flights. If a flight school  has some different procedure and the procedure was approved by a responsible national civil aviation authority, the pilot in training may have some other options, for example, having their ICAO English qualification endorsed in the student's license .