ICAO English refresh seminar

You'll be well-prepared. Aero Language can't guarantee your success, but we can guarantee we'll do everything to equip you for the successful outcome. ICAO English training is provided also online.

If you aim to take ICAO English exam, Aero Language suggest you to take part in online ICAO English seminar.

At the ICAO English refresh seminar, we strive to eliminate the "washback effect". You don't learn by rote to forget the ICAO English course content hours afterwards.

The ICAO English refresh seminar is tailored to the concept and structure of ICAO English exam.

The length of the ICAO English refresh seminar is between 90 - 120 minutes.

The ICAO English Preparation Course aims to check and organize your language skills so that you ICAO English language proficiency exam is successful.

Aero Language provides online ICAO English preparation course as well as the face-to-face course.