BLOG: My ICAO English validity has expired

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Expired ICAO English

At the end of the article, we give you a number of clear answers to the frequently asked questions.

Let's get straight to the point.

ICAO English language proficiency is one of the qualifications that all professional pilots must have valid and endorsed in their flight crew license. ICAO English validity is monitored and must be up to date along with the medical certificate and type rating or class rating.

If your ICAO English qualification expired, you cannot act as a pilot onboard planes performing international flights and planes rated as airliners.

A similar restriction applies to air traffic controllers. In case your language proficiency has expired, you cannot act as an ATC.

ICAO English language proficiency revalidation is same as the exam. The content of the ICAO English exam is uniform. It doesn't matter whether it's your first exam, revalidation, or renewal.

If your ICAO English validity has expired, there's nothing easier than just letting us know so we can arrange a date of your ICAO English exam.

Expired ICAO English Q&A:

Q: Am I allowed to fly an airplane if my ICAO English has expired?
A: Yes, you can. However, you can only perform domestic and non-commercial flights.

Q: Can you endorse my revalidated or renewed ICAO English qualification into my license?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot.

Q: Who can endorse my ICAO English qualification into my license?
A: The national civil aviation authority which issued your license (state of license issue - SOLI). The flight crew license must be in most of the cases re-issued.

Q: Where do I find my ICAO English validity?
A: In your license - field No. XII.

Q: How do I know my ICAO English qualification is about to expire?
A: If you are registered within our system, you are automatically notified.