Language Proficiency Examiner ✅ Training course

Become one of few ❤️ Language proficiency examiners ❤️ in Europe...

You as a Language Proficiency Examiner will be allowed to provide ICAO English assessments. ♥ Your LPE Authorization will be accepted by all EASA member states.


✅ LPE online training ✅ 

Aero Language provides industry top-end initial LPE qualification training. The Language proficiency examiner course consists of theoretical knowledge instruction and on-job-training. On the successful completion of the language proficiency examiner course, you'll have the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct the ICAO English exams.

The LPE training course is completed by Assessment of competence. We are also taking care about your LPE approval at Authority.

Initial Language examiner training

In Aero Language we value your time. At the same time we will not let you to do the ICAO English exams unless you are ready to do so. That expects a guided selfstudy combined with industry top-end training. The guided part of the Language examiner training lasts about 3 days and we will cover around 25 hours of training. That includes also Language examiner on-job-training.  Once completed, you will be recommended for your LPE assessment of competence.

Recurrent Language examiner training

To keep your Language proficiency examiner privileges, you will have to attend the recurrent LPE training or sometimes called as annual training. The training is held once a year and consists of self-familiarization of the training modules provided online by Aero Language.


Language proficiency examiner training