ICAO English Refresh course

ICAO English refresh without Washback ✅

❤️ ICAO English training is provided face to face ✓ and also by online ✓ means. Training will be focused directly on your needs...

ICAO English for a first time

First timers usually fear of language proficiency exam. We know that feeling - everybody of us went thru it. Aero Language will guide you thru overall process. We will start with the comprehensive training. Our competency-based approach towards the ICAO English course is considering your current knowledge of English with strong emphasis on aviation-related use. Once we are sure you are able to pass the language assessment assessment, together we will go thru the ICAO English Demo exam. That means we will guide you thru the demo exam and provide you with feedback. So you know what to expect during the real language exam.

Refresher ICAO English

Some Level 4 or Level 5 holders are looking for refresh course before attending the ICAO English assessment again. Of course, Aero Language has its own training procedures to prepare you for revalidation of your ELP. Some of you might not be using an English for a longer time while flying. Aero Language has designed its own refresher course to prepare you for ICAO English exam and at the same time to avoid wash back effect.