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Proper IFR communication ✈️ makes a proper IFR pilot ✓

Proper IFR communication ✈️ makes a proper IFR pilot ✓

IFR communication course

Future professional pilots or „IFR pilots“ might appreciate IFR communication course. During the aviation communication course, Aero Language trainers explain you and prepares you for basic phraseology use during different phases of IFR flight:

  • listening and comprehension of ATIS, flight planning
  • initial contact with ATC and ATC clearence
  • taxi clearance
  • emergency procedures during taxiing
  • takeoff clearance
  • departure procedures
  • emergency procedures
  • alternate airport diversion
  • holding patterns entry procedures
  • holding patterns
  • approach procedures
  • landing clearance and taxi
  • apron parking
  • runway incursion prevention
  • engine shut-down