Aero Language has received an official TSP and LAB certificate

We've just received a TSP/LAB Certificate. From now on, we're authorized to provide language exams.

The Transport Authority has issued us the LAB/TSP certificate. It authorizes Aero Language - a trademark of ProfiPilot, s.r.o. - to provide language exams.

Aero Language authorizations

Aero Language retains the widest portfolio of aviation language services in Slovakia:

  • EASA and ICAO English (up to LEVEL 6) 
  • EASA and ICAO Slovak (up to LEVEL 6)
  • IFR English 
  • language proficiency courses (ICAO, EASA, and IFR)

Besides that, Aero Language is authorized to train, examine, and certify:

  • language proficiency examiners (LPE)
  • language proficiency raters (LPR)
  • language proficiency trainers (LPT)

The Aero Language trademark along with the concept of services provided will soon be officially presented to general public.

"We are allowed to provide aviation English exams and aviation Slovak exams within our network of people engaged in the project." Says Milan Mazanovský who stands behind the Aero Language project.

"Apart from the ICAO English and the ICAO Slovak exams, we have succeeded in getting certified to provide IR English pursuand to FCL.055(d)." adds Mazanovský.


Aero Language is a registered trademark of ProfiPilot, s.r.o. under which the company provides language services in the area of aviation. The domains of Aero Language are training and examination of radio-phraseololgy, and provision of ICAO English exam.