Partnership with Passmore College

Aero Language is delighted to announce the close cooperation with a well established private language school with an excellent history in English language teaching.

Passmore College is a private language schoola wide range of languages since 1994. Passmore Collegue  is part of the education and innovation location Marburg.  Passmore College is available as an educational service provider for people in Marburg and the surrounding area.

Passmore College is part of the economic and industrial landscape of central Hesse. They are partner of large, medium-sized and small companies in the Marburg area with their excellent language training programs.Since 1995 they are also a partner of the renowned University of Cambridge, UK. They are preparing students for Cambridge’s ESOL exams and Mrs. Karin Passmore is a certified speaking examiner for Cambridge University.

The cooperation with Aero Language allows the Passmore College to provide language proficiency exams in the Frankfurt area.

ICAO English provided by Passmore College can be provided within 24 hours.

ICAO English - Passmore college