EASA pilot license. It's not easy, but we know how to manage.

EASA license

ICAO to EASA transfer is not an easy task. It also depends on what exactly should be transferred into the EASA pilot's license. Every year, we help to complete several ICAO to EASA transfers. We handle each case individually. In cooperation with ProfiPilot Academy, we provide flight training necessary for obtaining the EASA license.

EASA typerating

When transferring ICAO to EASA, the current ratings and certificates you have on your ICAO license are very important. Due to a wide range of our qualifications and authorizations, we can provide you with a simple and smooth ICAO to EASA transfer regardless of you are a private pilot or a airline transport pilot with Boeing 737, Bombardier CRJ or Cessna 525 typeratings.