IR English evaluation

Evaluation of EASA IR English is easy - either you pass ✅or fail.

EASA IR English

The purpose of EASA IR English proficiency is to to assess the abilities of a pilot to use the standard aviation and IFR-related phraseology in real-life scenarios. The scenario is created by LPE during the IR English exam. The requirement of FCL.055(d) includes the ability to use the English language for the following purposes:

  • flight: R/T relevant to all phases of flight, including emergency situations.
  • ground: all information relevant to the accomplishment of a flight:
    • be able to read and demonstrate an understanding of technical manuals written in English, for example an operations manual, a helicopter flight manual, etc.;
    • pre-flight planning, weather information collection, NOTAMs, ATC flight plan, etc.;
    • use of all aeronautical en-route, departure and approach charts and associated documents written in English.
  • communication: be able to communicate with other crew members in English during all phases of flight, including flight preparation.

All the descriptors are evaluated by language proficiency examiner during the IR English exam in real-time. There is no level, nor the partial pass.