ICAO Slovak Level 4 ✓

ICAO Slovak Level 4 ▪️Basic Operational Level.

ICAO Slovak level 4 is the minimum if you want to push the PTT button and transmit ♥ That why it is so-called Operational level.

⚠️ ICAO Slovak Level 4 - basics ⚠️ 

ICAO Slovak Level 4, ICAO Level 4 or simply Slovak Level 4 is so-called Operational level of Aviation Slovak languageICAO Slovak Level 4 is minimum proficiency of Slovak language to be demonstrated for operational use as a pilot or ATC. So if you are planing to attend some glider cup or club championship and to communicate in Slovak language on the frequency, you have to obtain at least ICAO Slovak Level 4.

Let's have a look what does actually mean ICAO Slovak level 4 when we break it down...

ICAO Slovak Level 4 ✅ Pronunciation

We do not expect your Pronunciation to be perfect. Our Language proficiency examiner will spot instantly that Slovak is not your first language nor the mother tongue. The most common ICAO Slovak Level 4 Pronunciation sign is the strong local accent. This might be little-bit softened when you are already talking some other slavic languages. Great example of ICAO Slovak Level 4 Pronunciation is a word "tri" to be pronounced by Czech speakers as "tři".

Besides that the content of your message is easily comprehensible from the context.

ICAO Slovak Level 4 ✅ Sentence structure

Sentence structure of ICAO Slovak Level 4 holder clearly expresses the intended content of your message. You can express time using various tenses. ICAO Slovak Level 4 syntax is not flawless, but you can easily tell the difference between the past and the present, you can use plurals, and use various prepositions. In case of more complex conversation, you generally leave it to others or you avoid constructing some more complex sentences. ICAO Slovak Level 4 holder can tell and understand the difference between myš, lienka and myšllienka.

ICAO Slovak Level 4 ✅ Spoken fluency

It does not take long to find the right words to describe a situation or answer a question for ICAO Slovak Level 4 fluency. It might take you a bit longer in some cases, but that does not mean serious problems.

ICAO Slovak Level 4 ✅ Vocabulary

Aviation Slovak vocabulary extends with your flying experience. What we consider important for ICAO Slovak Level 4 holder is your vocabulary to be adequate to your flying experience. It is also important that you are able to communicate with other pilots and ATCs using your vocabulary. Regarding conversations about different topics, you can express yourself using your own words, describing or paraphrasing essentials of various topics. As a good example of ICAO Slovak Level 4 holder you should know that in Slovak language we don't have breakfast or snídaně, but we do have raňajky.

ICAO Slovak Level 4 ✅ Message comprehension

We expect a bit more than just an aviation phraseology and its correct use. To acquire ICAO Slovak Level 4, you also need to be able to use simple language, not only the standard aviation phraseology. You need to comprehend various situations. It is possible you will not understand immediately, but after repeating the message, you will understand the content of the message, or at least the context. You are not afraid to use "say again" phrase.

ICAO Slovak Level 4 ✅ Interaction

ICAO Slovak Level 4 holder is not afraid to speak. If you do not understand, you do not remain silent, but ask for clarification or use the magic aviators' phrase "say again".

✓ Validity of ICAO Slovak Level 4

Once passed, the license endorsement depends on your flight crew licence:

  • EASA licence: 4 years
  • national or ICAO Licence: 3 years