ICAO English Level 5 ✓

ICAO English Level 5 ▪️fairly okay, but not an expert...

ICAO English level 5 is an Extended levelLevel 5 is usually required by most of the airlines as the minimum level of aviation English 

⚠️ ICAO English Level 5 in General ⚠️ 

ICAO Level 5 is so-called Advanced ICAO level and is considered to be something between the basic Operational level and Expert level. Most Exam candidates whose native tongue is not English are usually not able to acquire ICAO English Level 6 directly. However, if they possess language knowledge and abilities above Level 4, they often get LEVEL 5

Let's have a look what does actually mean ICAO English level 5 when we break it down...

ICAO English Level 5 ✅ Pronunciation

Your pronunciation as ICAO English Level 5 holder goes without thinking and is more or less correct. Native English speakers can say that English is not your first language, however your command of English is without substantial mistakes. Simply put - your English is very good, the only drawback being your accent.

ICAO English Level 5 ✅ Sentence structure

You might not always be successful constructing complicated sentence structures but you do try to. Level 5 holder's knowledge of grammar is exceptional and you use it without hesitation.

ICAO English Level 5 ✅ Spoken fluency

You speak fluently and on point. It does not take you long to find right answer to question. You react swiftly - without making long pauses to think. Speech of ICAO English Level 5 holder is very fluent and straight-forward.

ICAO English Level 5 ✅ Vocabulary

You can easily find the right words for the right situations. The extent of your vocabulary compared to your flying experience is exceptional. Holders of ICAO English Level 5 holders are sometimes even using idioms or expressions typical for English slang. However you are not able to use idiomatic speech all the time. As a ICAO English Level 5 holder you might find it difficult to talk about issues you have not heard before, e.g. some non-aviation topics.

ICAO English Level 5 ✅ Message comprehension

You find it easy to comprehend messages when you know what to expect. But you can comprehend much more than just messages in a familiar context. In fact, most of the ICAO English Level 5 holders have no problems with understanding even in new situations. You understand English radio broadcast and aviation English radio communication without hesitations.

ICAO English Level 5 ✅ Interaction 

In case of misunderstanding, holders of ICAO English Level 5 can manage much more than just "say again" phrase. You are not afraid to actively inquire and ask for clarifications. You try to make messages clear and communicate comprehensibly. You can start and maintain meaningful dialogue.

✓ Validity of ICAO English Level 5

Once passed, the license endorsement depends on your flight crew licence:

  • EASA Licence: 6 years
  • national or ICAO Licence: 5 years