ICAO English evaluation

ICAO English evaluated by two examiners ▪️ rated as ICAO Level

ICAO English exam is evaluated in accordance with language proficiency rating scale. Outcome of your language proficiency is number 1 thru 6.

ICAO English - what we are looking for

Language proficiency assessment consists of 5 different sections. In each section a language proficiency examiner is looking for following so-called language descriptors. Each of the language descriptor is rated 1 thru 6. The lowest value is the final outcome - so-called ICAO English level

Language descriptors - this is what you have to be sharp in to get the best ICAO Level.

  • pronunciation
  • grammatical and sentence structures
  • vocabulary
  • spoken fluency
  • message comprehension
  • interaction 

ICAO English ✅ Rating process

Aero Language is using multi-level rating concept for all ICAO English exams. First language assessment is done by a language proficiency examiner during the ICAO exam.  Second rating is done by language proficiency rater using the distance-rating method. If those two Aero Language staff members do not match with their final level given our Aero Language ADMIN system detects the unconformity. The Senior Language proficiency exmainer is involved into the process to decide on final score.

ICAO English exam workflow