EASA Flight examiner

EASA Flight examiners privileges and become the language proficiency examiner.

<h2 class="font-black text-3xl mt-12">EASA Flight Examiner</h2> <p class="mt-5 text-lg">We provide a <strong>Language proficiency examiner</strong> training course that will extend your <strong>EASA examiner privileges</strong>. In addition to the actual licensing checkride, you will be able to provide <strong>ICAO English</strong> exams as <strong>language examiner</strong>.</p> <h2 class="font-black text-3xl mt-12">IR English pre EASA Instrument Examiner</h2> <p class="mt-5 text-lg">If you are an <strong>Instrument Rating Examiner</strong> - IRE(A), you will be able to provide the applicant with an <strong>IR English</strong> exam before the <strong>instrument rating skill test</strong>. </p>