Where is my exam valid?

Not all ICAO member states and EASA member states accept their ICAO English exam qualifications mutually.

The reason is that the implementation of ICAO English language proficiency exam has been implemented by member states by their own.

Since the general requirements were quite lenient, the implementation of ICAO requirements has varied across the countries. 

We do our best to accommodate everyone's needs. We are in touch with national aviation authorities in Europe, as well as outside the EASA countries, and we communicate about accepting our ICAO English exam certificates of language proficiency.

However, not everything is in our power. Therefore, if you are a holder of a license issued by a member state other than the Slovak Republic, we recommend that you contact the Personnel licensing department of the appropriate national aviation authority - state of license issue (SOLI).

ADVICE: If you plan to change the country issuing your license - the license transfer to another country - and your ICAO English language proficiency is about to expire, take the ICAO English exam before the sending the request itself. If the target member state of your transfer has any restrictions for the implementation of ICAO English, you will avoid further problems. The states within the EASA region must accept licenses and registered qualifications from other member states. Therefore, if you have Level 6 endorsed in the license, the target country must accept it and endorse it into the new flight crew license that will be issued to you.