Language Proficiency Examiner Requirements ✅

To become Language proficiency examiner is easier than you could think ♥

Our Customer support is very often facing the question - Do I need to be a ✈️ pilot ✈️ to become a ✓ Language proficiency examiner? We are happy to assure everybody No, you do not need to be :-)

LPE accelerated training

We will definitely make sure you are capable to exercise your duties as Language proficiency examiner. If not, we will re-train you, so you will get necessary skills. Simple as it is ♥ Aero Language provides accelerated LPE training. Majority of the LPE course can be completed over a weekend. If you are working hard, you could be signed-off for an assessment of competence within less than a week.

Language examiner Initial assessment

Initial Language examiner assessments is done by reviewing your previous experience. We put an emphasis on your overall command of English in all details. We will be particularly looking on your grammar and structure, your aviation English as well as your writing skills. Obviously most important requirement on future Language Proficiency Examiner is excellent command of English with both spoken and written.  We need you to have your command English language skills at least equal to ICAO English Level 5. If you are not a holder of ICAO English, we will provide you with the Language proficiency assessment

Language proficiency examiner wannabe

If you are coming completely outside of an aviation, our highly experienced lecturers will provide you with so-called AVFAM. That is aviation-related familiarization. So in addition to your language skills you will also get some necessary proficiency to understand the principles of aviation phraseology.