Language Proficiency Rater Trainig course

As an ICAO English language proficiency exam rater, you become essential part of ICAO English language proficiency exam workflow process.

Language proficiency rater training course is organized by Aero Language. The language proficiency rater training course for ICAO English language proficiency raters is under under the authority of Aero Language and consists of a number of thematic core competencies related to the language proficiency rater roles and duties.

During the Language proficiency rater qualification training course, you learn to properly rate the aviation English exam with the proper ICAO English proficiency level.

Before obtaining the language proficiency rater authorization Aero Language, you take part at least in two ICAO English exam ratings under the supervision of a senior examiner.

On the successful completion of the Language proficiency rater training course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to evaluate  aviation English exam with the ICAO English language proficiency level.

In Aero Language, cooperation is a priority. Therefore, Aero Language offers B2B concept of cooperation and external cooperation concept even from the comfort of your home.