Qualification Validity Monitoring

We let you know if the end is nearing.

We have developed our own monitoring software. We're sure pilots can appreciate a system of automated expiration reminder. We know what it feels like to forget about the date of expiration happening every now and then.

ICAO English language proficiency is as important as are the aviation medical exam, or type rating.

An invalid ICAO English language proficiency actually disqualifies you from flying. If it comes to the point of having an invalid ICAO English, it might get very difficult for you to get your qualification back in a short time.

ICAO English language proficiency must be endorsed in your pilot license. Thus, it must be revalidated by a responsible transport authority who issued the license. This prolongs the period between your ICAO English validity expiration and the return to cockpit.

Therefore, our system monitors validity of your qualifications on a daily basis and in case of a nearing expiration date, your are notified via email. But we're not going to explain all the unnecessary technical details here...

It is just simpler than you think. The same system keeps track of all your pilot qualifications so you can be notified about their approaching expiration date.

You receive an email with all the important information to keep your ICAO English proficiency valid.

In Aero Language, we strive to keep you "current".