How do I prepare myself for ICAO English?

Read books

Any book or English text helps.
But reading about aviation is especially useful. You get to see the right grammar structures and aviation vocabulary with a number of professional terms.

You bought English textbook, started reading it, but from some reason, you stopped after the first ten pages?
English learning is not easy and it takes a great deal of time, energy, willpower, and endurance. Purchasing textbook is usually not sufficient.

Listen to English

You can listen to radio broadcast. If the broadcast is too hard for you to understand, you might want to start with something simpler.
One of the good ways is to listen to ATIS broadcast because you can check if you got the message!

Listen to ATC communication

 You can use website which provides live radio broadcast from a number of places around the world.

  • LZIB (Bratislava, Slovak republic) - good quality
  • EDDM (Munich, Germany) - good quality
  • KJFK (New York, USA) - might be harder to understand
  • KSFO (San Francisco, USA) - might be harder to understand

Aviation English course

Taking part in one-to-one language course, you effectively improve your language proficiency.

On-line learning

Many applicants are not successful due to the lack of grammar knowledge. There are several websites and materials available online for free. Make use of some.

Foreign language cannot be learnt in a matter of hours. You can, however, prepare yourself for ICAO English exam.

Expect the unexpected.

Language exam allows us to assess your true knowledge only if you don't know the exam content beforehand and you cannot be prepared for specific questions. You therefore have to face events and contexts which might be non-standard or unexpected.

We don't assess the technical correctness of your answer. ICAO English exam is not a technical exam. Don't be afraid to say something you're not sure about in the context of aviation.

Language exam is not a license skill test or license proficiency check. Language proficiency examiners don't assess your flight knowledge and skills. Don't be afraid to say something with incorrect content, as long as your English is perfect, there's nothing to worry!