Language Services for Pilots in Training

Aero Language services for future pilots.

We'll show you how to speak aviation English.

ICAO English

Most often, future pilots ask us to provide the ICAO English exam. This language proficiency is required for all international flights or flights where you can encounter international communication. Some flight schools require all students to pass the ICAO English exam before the start of the pilot training, because they provide the training only in English.

You don't have to be a holder of pilot license in order to get the ICAO English exam. Neither you have to be the pilot license holder to have your ICAO English language proficiency valid. After a successful exam, we'll issue you the ICAO English certificate and once you get your pilot license, the ICAO English exam will be automatically endorsed into your pilot license by a responsible national civil aviation authority - state of license issue - SOLI.

IFR English

European Commission regulation No 1178/2011, Part FCL requires all IFR qualification applicants to undergo IFR communication exam. The requirement is set in FCL.055(d).

Aero Language is the only organization in Slovakia authorized to provide exam according to the FCL.055(d) rules. Our certificate is valid across all European countries. IFR English exam set by the FCL.055(d) rules is one of the prerequisites to get IFR qualification endorsement in pilot license. Without the IR English exam, you cannot have your IFR qualification endorsed into your license.

Book the IFR English exam date to have your IFR English proficiency valid before you finish the IFR qualification training.

Aviation communication

Aviation communication exam is required by the European Commission regulation No 1178/2011, Part FCL before anyone's first solo flight. Let us know in advance if you plan to do your PPL, LAPL, or SPL training. We'll show you how to use the aviation language before your first solo flight. Having the Aero Language exam, you'll be able to use on-board radio station.

Pilot exams

Our services are complex. Within our ProfiPilot pilot examiner service, we offer practical pilot exams. If you are currently undertaking flight training, we'll gladly provide you an independent exam by a qualified flight examiner. Our examiner is authorized in a full range of flight competencies. European legislation requires practical flight exam to be supervised by an independent professional. In Slovakia, this is often a person who is somehow linked to school providing the training.

Book your exam date in advance.

We are entitled to provide the following flight exams:

Issuing and revalidating pilot licenses, class ratings, type ratings and instructor certificates: