We've passed TSP and LAB audit allowing us to provide language proficiency exams

On 29 May, we successfully passed the TSP/LAP certification audit.

On 29 May 2019, we successfully passed Testing Service Provider (TSP/LAB) audit allowing us to examine language proficiency according to ICAO/EASA requirements. In a short time, the Slovak Transport Authority will issue us a Testing Service Provider certificate.

We have thus became one of the three organizations in Slovakia providing their clients complex flight examinations along with language proficiency exams. Apart from that, we are one of the very few TSP/LAB organizations in the region authorized to provide the EASA IFR English exams.

"By successfully passing the audit supervised by the regulatory Transport Authority, we concluded our more than a year-long efforts to obtain the certification allowing us to provide language exams.", says Milan Mazanovský, who stands behind the Aero Language project.

"The purpose of the Transport Authority certification audit was to assess whether we are administratively able to provide language proficiency exams. Thanks to our thorough preparations, we've passed the audit smoothly without any hindrances. I'm confident we'll present further aspects of Aero Language project very soon. I believe we all have something to look forward to." adds Mazanovský.

What is TSP/LAB?

A TSP organization (Testing service provider) or a LAB organization (language assessment body) is approved in accordance with the ICAO 9835 document and the EU Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011. ProfiPilot, s.r.o. provides language services under the Aero Language trademark. Aero Language is also allowed to provide training in the area of aviation English. Furthermore, Aero Language is authorized to provide English and Slovak language proficiency exams of aviation personnel - pilots and ATCs - in accordance with the ICAO and EASA regulations. 

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Aero Language is a registered trademark of ProfiPilot, s.r.o. under which the company provides language services in the area of aviation. The domains of Aero Language are training and examination of radio-phraseololgy, and provision of the ICAO English exam.