We have requested testing service provider certificate

We're getting started. We have requested an official approval. ...a long way to go.

Today, we have sent an official request to be authorized as a testing service provider - TSP. Milan Mazanovský is Aero Language expertise supervisor who also supervised a process of TSP certification of JetAge in 2014.

"We all hope the process of certification goes as smoothly as possible. The certification process in 2014 took us almost half a year. The process was, however, based on a documentation already known to the Transport Authority. In case of Aero Language, we have prepared a brand new documentation which must be investigate. We have a long way to go..." says Milan Mazanovský - Aero Language expertise supervisor.

Our plan is to provide a number of aviation language services under the Aero Language trademark. Apart from the radio-phraseology training, we also plan to provide ICAO and IR English exams.

Aero Language is a registered trademark of ProfiPilot, s.r.o. which provides aviation language services. The main domains of Aero Language are radio-phraseology exam and ICAO English exam.