New ICAO English Examiners Join Our Team

More people are becoming interested in aviation English. Two of them have become examiners and join the Aero Language team.

In September, we held our first language proficiency examiner course. Under the supervision of an Aero Language trainer, Lenka and Tomáš have successfully passed both the required assessment of competence and the language proficiency examiner course. Both will shortly be approved by the Transport Authority and will join the Aero Language team as language proficiency examiners and raters.

They will soon start providing the ICAO English Exams. Tomáš will be operating in Bratislava and Brno, while Lenka will be present in Germany in Hessia. Therefore, will be able to administer the ICAO English Exams for pilots in Frankfurt am Main.

Both of them are also available for our clients who are interested for exams of aviation english and ICAO English in Vienna area.