We have requested permission to perform IR English exams

We're moving on! Planning to provide IR English exams with quality standards of other EASA countries.

We're going ahead with the process of being certified as a testing service provider. We're just moment before having the content of our general part of the TSP manual fully approved by the Slovak Transport Authority. Today, ProfiPilot has requested a permit to extend its scope of services.

Regulation No 1178/2011 requires a special language proficiency exam of IR qualification holders. Part FCL.055(e) requires this exam to be performed in accordance with the local transport authority.

In Slovak Republic, this was a combination of two requirements:

  • written ATP(A) exam in English language
  • practical IFR (skill test IR) in English language

Since this process is quite non-standard, ProfiPilot has sent a request to the Slovak Transport Authority to endorse our IR English exam documentation. After the official review phase and the documentation approval, Aero Language will start providing IR English exam pursuant to FCL.055(d). We'll be the first privately held company in Slovakia to get authorized to provide language proficiency exam of pilots flying IFR.

Aero Language is a registered trademark of ProfiPilot, s.r.o. which provides aviation language services. The main domains of Aero Language are radio-phraseology exam and ICAO English exam.