We issued our first ICAO English Level 6

We've recently administered an aviation English exam in Bratislava - the ICAO English Exam - with the final Level 6.

What is ICAO English Level 6?

ICAO English Level 6 is the highest available rating of the ICAO aviation language exam. It is given to pilots who can demonstrate an excellent language proficiency. Therefore, once obtained, pilots are no longer required to repeat the exam in future. Obtaining the ICAO English Level 6 grants pilots an unlimited validity of the language exam.

Distance rating concept of ICAO English Exam

Like the majority of our ICAO English Exams, this one was also provided as a distance rating concept.

It means that during the examination process, only an examiner and an examinee were present.

The ICAO English Exam rating is performed by our language proficiency rater with a slight time lag.

An advantage of a distance mode ICAO English Exam is its flexibility as we have to schedule a meeting of 2 (the examiner and the examinee) instead of a meeting of 3 (the examiner, the examinee, and the rater).

Such distance concept of the ICAO English Exam is currently provided within the region only by Aero Language.