ICAO English at Malta

Aero Language is delighted to announce the close cooperation with leading flight school operating out of beautiful Maltese islands.

Malta School of Flying (MSOF) is the leading flight training provider and well established flight school based in Malta (Luqa Airport). Malta School of Flying provides wide range of the flight trainings and theoretical knowledge education courses ranging from basic private pilot – PPL(A) training up to Frozen ATPL(A).

Aero Language has trained and approved a language proficiency examiner based in Malta School of Flying.

Student pilots of any flight school at Malta and any other pilots will benefit from the cooperation established between Malta School of Flying and Aero Language

Milan Mazanovský, the Chief language proficiency of Aero Language says “Language proficiency exams including the IR English for instrument rating students are now available at Malta within the notice as short as 24 hours.”

Malta became another country to join the ever growing network of the Aero Language. The student pilots and license holders are offered with the ICAO English, EASA English and IR English language proficiency assessment as well as the language proficiency trainings.

ICAO English Malta