Another group of Language proficiency examiners completed their training

Poland, Malta, The Netherlands, France, Russia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and some other countries. These are some of the countries where our new colleagues will be providing the language proficiency exams on behalf of Aero Language.

Another Language proficiency examiner training course provided by Aero Language has been recently completed. The course is getting popular among both - the aviation professionals as well as English lecturers who want to extend their competences.

Freshly appointed language proficinecy examiners are providing the english language testing at different geographical places around the Europe. For you - as Aero Language clients it means that the ICAO/EASA English testing is now even closer to your place. 

If you are interested in becoming a language proficiency examiner, do not hesitate and contact us even today. Very soon, we are going to open a new course.