ICAO to EASA transfer

European license. It's not easy, but we know how to help.

Many foreign pilots who are holders of ICAO commercial pilot license are interested in obtaining EASA pilot license.

It depends on the country...

ICAO to EASA transfer is not an easy business. Even though the international European regulations apply to all member states equally, the states have their own regulations regarding transfer of license from third countries (ICAO pilots license). We arrange a number of complex ICAO to EASA transfer processes every year. The transfer requires individual approach and needs to be dealt on a case-by-case basis since the process depends on your present qualifications from the third country endorsed in your ICAO pilots license.

We keep an eye on ICAO to EASA transfer regulations in different EASA countries. Therefore, we're able to give you an up-to-date advice. It doesn't matter whether you're a holder of Slovak or Italian license. All licenses issued in accordance with the regulation 1178/2011 are mutually accepted.

Individual basis

We deal with all ICAO to EASA transfers on an individual basis. It's very difficult to specify some general procedure of the transfer. It all depends on your qualification, type rating, class rating, and flying hours. But most importantly, it depends on your expectations. The higher the final EASA qualification, the more difficult the transfer is.

With our assistance, many others made it, and you will make it too. :)