Language exams and services for professional pilots

Aero Language services for aviation professionals.

Professional pilot - commercial and airline pilot - CPL and ATPL

Our services for qualification categories of professional pilots - commercial pilots, airline pilots and IFR pilots:

If you are a professional pilot, a holder of CPL, IR, or ATPL flight crew licenses, we have a number of language courses and language exams for professionals like you.

As an applicant for IR - instrument rating qualification during the flight training, you have to undertake the language communication exam - aviation English pursuant to IFR. It is an aviation language exam which entitles you to communicate using on-board radio device during IFR flights. This exam is a proof of your pilot language proficiency flying IFR.

Apart from the IFR radio-phraseology exam, we offer an IFR radio-phraseology preparation course and an IFR aviation communication preparation course.

If you're convinced that to fly IFR you only need a radio telephone operator certificate, you're mistaken. The radio telephone operator certificate is a reminder of a past of Slovak legislature allowing you to turn on-board radio station on and off. For more information on the radio telephone operator certificate, read the FAQs.

As a professional or IFR pilot, you're also going to need a so called ICAO English exam of language proficiency.

Aero Language will equip you for the aviation English exams. We offer a variety of preparation courses making your ICAO English exams much easier.