Language services for private pilots

Our services for recreational, sport, and private pilots.

Recreational pilot - private pilot license holders - PPL, LAPL

Our services for recreational pilots - the private pilots  and pilots of ultralight aircraft:

If you are a recreational pilot holding a private pilot license - PPL or a light aircraft pilot license - LAPL, we can offer you a number of language courses and language exams.

As a private pilot - PPL or light aircraft pilot - LAPL, you'll need an aviation communication exam or radio-phraseology exam pursuant to VFR rules during the flight training. It is an aviation language exam which entitles you to use and communicate using on-board radio stations. Apart from the radio-phraseology exam, we offer a radio-phraseology preparation course and aviation communication preparation course.

If you're convinced that to fly IFR, you only need a radio telephone operator certificate, you're mistaken. The radio telephone operator certificate is a reminder of a past of Slovak legislature allowing you to turn on-board radio station on and off. For more information on the radio telephone operator certificate, read the FAQs.

If, as a holder of PPL or LAPL, you plan to fly abroad, you'll also need an ICAO English language proficiency exam.

ProfiPilot TSP will equip you for the aviation English exams. We offer a variety of preparation courses making your ICAO English exams much easier.