ICAO English exams for Pilots

Full-service pilot language proficiency exams

IFR English and ICAO English

We offer complex solutions to keep you "current".

All Aero Language exams are monitored and recorded. Naturally, you are informed about the results and the qualifications issued to you via email as well. Also, our automated system notifies you in advance if validity of your exams is about to expire. You'll no longer have to worry about your ICAO English language proficiency expiration.

Flight examiner

ICAO English exam for pilots is not the only service we offer in ProfiPilot.

Our aim is to keep you "current". Apart from the language exams pursuant to the ICAO requirements, we carefully monitor the clients' qualifications. Our automated system notifies you in advance in case validity of your qualification is about to expire and needs to be revalidated.

Professional pilots are members of ProfiPilot team and are authorized as flight examiners with full examiner qualifications FE(A), CRE(A), IRE(A), FIE(A) a TRE(A).

Flight exams – we perform hundreds of professional competence exams, instructor competence ratings, and practical exams a year.

Flight exam can be taken by holders of pilot license issued by any country.

LAPL(A)PPL(A)CPL(A) and ATPL(A) licenses have unlimited validity. Only the qualifications (instrument rating, class rating, type rating) and flight instructor certificates must be revalidated.

The examiners are authorized to perform the following exams: (skill tests, license proficiency check, and instructor assessments of competence.

Revalidation and renewal of qualifications:

Obtaining qualification: