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Flight school

As there's driving school for drivers, there's flight school (Approved Training Organization) for pilots providing flight training.

Flight training

Our organization - ProfiPilot - meets the strict international ICAO and Regulation No 1178/2011 standards for providing language exams and language courses. In a similar manner, our flight school which operates within the European legislation meets the strict standards of Regulation No 216/2008 and Part ORA certifying flight schools.

Are you undertaking flight training?

If you're currently undertaking flight training or flight school selection, we'll be happy to see you at one of our theory courses provided by our partner flight school. We offer you an opportunity to broaden your flight horizons. If you decide to undertake flight training with us, we'll be happy to meet you in the cockpit - whether as a pilot or pilot in training.

The choice of flight school is important

You might be currently thinking where to undertake flight training and which flight school meets your needs. Whether you're looking for a PPL (A) qualification or advanced training such as an IR(A), we'll gladly assist you. We understand the business we do and we do it with pleasure.

The choice of flight school has a substantial effect on the flight training quality and consequently on your safety. Especially in case of private pilot - PPL(A) license, you may encounter a range of flight schools and flight training prices. Quite often, the main argument of "cheaper" flight schools is that in the end, after all, you receive the same PPL(A) license as if you had taken it in a reputable and potentially more expensive flight school.

What's the difference?

Flight schools are divided into a number of categories which differ mainly in the scope of their authorizations. In the past when JAR-FCL1 regulation was still in practice, the flight schools were divided into two types:

  • registered facility (RF) - flight school, authorized to provide only PPL(A) and night visual flight rules
    (NVFR) training
  • flight training organization (FTO) - flight school authorized to provide full scale flight training up to the commercial jet cockpit.

By the implementation or Regulation No 1178/2011, all FTO flight schools in Slovakia lost their authorizations to provide flight training. RF flight schools were authorized to provide or conclude flight training by 8 April 2015 at the latest. The date was postponed several times by the Slovak Transport Authority.

Presently, all flight schools must meet the European Union requirements pursuant to Part ORA of Regulation No 216/2008. These flight schools are issued certificates allowing them to provide services for an indefinite period of time.

The complete list of flight schools in Slovakia are found on the Transport Authority website.

RF type flight schools (schools restricted to provide only the PPL(A) qualification) are found at the majority of flying club airfields. The difference between the RF type schools and the professional flight schools is mainly in their approach. Professional flight schools provide professional training aiming for quality and its their main source of income. However, for most flying clubs, flight training is only side income and it mainly serves the members who want to fly. Thus, the training provided at professional flight school is a bit more expensive.

We can compare it to a difficult surgery - you'd prefer an experienced surgeon-specialist performing a number of surgeries every day over a junior doctor with limited experience who's still learning.

Put your flight training into the hands of professional pilots who'll equip you for your future pilot career responsibly.

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