ICAO English Level 4

ICAO English level 4 is considered to be the Basic operational level. ICAO Level 4 is minimum required for the operational use in the air operations.

Aviation English, ICAO Level 4

ICAO English Level 4 is the basic operational level of aviation English and ICAO English language proficiencyICAO English Level 4 is allowing you to fly in all countries of the world. There is currently no airspace, traffic control, or airplane requiring ICAO English level above the operational level (ICAO English level 4). However, the language proficiency requirements can be more restricted (more demanding) by an aircraft operator or your employer (ie airline).

Operational level - ICAO English Level 4 is required by aviation regulations for all pilots to be allowed to fly airplanes in international setting since aviation English is used in aviation communication.

ICAO English Level 4 is an approval to use aviation English language in air operations environment and communicate internationally.

Language proficiency exam is based on the following criteria:

  • pronunciation
  • grammatical and sentence structures
  • vocabulary
  • spoken fluency
  • message comprehension
  • interaction

ICAO English Level 4 - Pronunciation 

We do not expect an ICAO English expert level. We will spot that aviation English is not your first language. The most common mistakes are in "th" sound pronunciation - "think" pronounced as "sink"... But the content of your messages is easily comprehensible from the context.

ICAO English Level 4 - Sentence structure

Your sentence structure clearly expresses the intended content of your message. You can express time using various tenses. Your syntax is not flawless, but you can easily tell the difference between the past and the present, you can use plurals, and use various prepositions. You can tell the difference between "a" and "an". In case of more complex conversation, you generally leave it to others or you avoid constructing some more complex sentences.

ICAO English Level 4 - Spoken fluency

It does not take you long to find the right words to describe a situation or answer a question. It might take you a bit longer in some cases, but that does not mean serious problems.

ICAO English Level 4 - Vocabulary

Aviation English vocabulary extends with your flying experience. What we consider important is when your vocabulary is adequate to your flying experience. It is also important that you are able to communicate with other pilots and ATCs using your vocabulary. Regarding conversations about different topics, you can express yourself using your own words, describing or paraphrasing essentials of various topics.

ICAO English Level 4 - Message comprehension

We expect a bit more than just a plane aviation phraseology, aviation communications and its correct use. To acquire ICAO English LEVEL 4, you also need to be able to use simple language, not only the aviation English besides the standard aviation communication and aviation phraseology. You need to comprehend various situations. It is possible you will not understand immediately, but after repeating the message, you will understand the content of the message, or at least the context. You are not afraid to use "say again" phrase.

ICAO English Level 4 - Interaction

You are not afraid do speak. If you do not understand, you do not remain silent, but ask for clarification or use the magic aviators' phrase "say again".