ICAO English Exam Rating

Aviation English - language proficiency shall be assessed by two different language proficiency specialists.

ICAO English Exam Rating

Aero Language is using ICAO English exam multi-level rating concept. First rating is done by an language proficiency examiner (LPE) English exam

Second rating is done by language proficiency rater using the distance-rating method. Language proficiency examiner as well as the language proficiency rater are rating individual parts of ICAO English exam.

You can expect the results of your ICAO English exam latest within the period of 72 hours. .

The individual parts of ICAO English exam are rated in accordance with ICAO English rating scale from ICAO Level 1 to ICAO Level 6 (so-called "ICAO English LEVELS"). The lowest ICAO English LEVEL out of the different parts received will be the final ICAO English LEVEL of your ICAO English exam. In other words, the lowest level out of all language proficiency descriptors will be your ICAO English proficiency Level. In case the language proficiency examiner (LPE) and a language proficiency rater (LPR) match with the final ICAO Exam level, language proficiency exam rating must be performed by another Aero Language professional, so-called senior language proficiency rater.

During the ICAO English exam, an examiner during the focuses mainly on applicant's:

  • pronunciation
  • grammatical and sentence structures
  • vocabulary
  • spoken fluency
  • message comprehension
  • interaction