ICAO Slovak Level 6 ✓

ICAO Slovak Level 6 is maximum you can get▪️You are Slováčisko ako repa...

ICAO Slovak level 6 is an Expert level. That means you should understand Ľúbozvučnú slovenčinu. Do you? :-)

⚠️ ICAO Slovak Level 6 - Čo to obnáša?  ⚠️ 

ICAO Level 6 is so-called Expert ICAO level and is considered to be the highest level you can get when it comes to the ICAO language proficiency exam. People use to say, that you are a Native English speaker. However this is not entirely true. Due to the strict requirements and applicants' frequent use of non-standard pronunciation, even native speakers do not always receive ICAO Slovak Level 6 language proficiency. For majority of Slovakians coming from western side, the slang being used by eastern-side Slovakians is like an enigma. 

Let's have a look what does actually mean ICAO Slovak level 6 when we break it down...

ICAO Slovak Level 6 ✅ Pronunciation 

Your pronunciation as ICAO Slovak Level 6 holder is almost flawless. There might be some negligible differences between pronunciation of native speakers and that of yours. However, nothing causing any confusion. You can get the specific Slovak pronunciation only by listening and learning the language for a longer period of time. Especially for those of you without previous knowledge of slavic language, Pronunciation at Level 6 might be very complicated.

ICAO Slovak Level 6 ✅ Sentence structure

You have perfect command of the most advanced grammar. Even the most complex sentences are mistake-free or almost mistake-free and used often.

ICAO Slovak Level 6 ✅ Spoken fluency

Your fluency is natural and swift. Performance and spoken fluency of ICAO Slovak Level 6 holder is very natural. You are using and understanding idiomatic speech quite often. You know, what does Hodiť flintu do žita means.

Anytime you speak Slovak, your speech is complex and fluent. You use various prosodic features to modify the speech. You use changes in intonation, tone, stress, and rhythm to establish a substantial level of communication.

ICAO Slovak Level 6 ✅ Vocabulary

Level 6 holders can talk about any topic - or almost any topic - whether you are familiar with it or not. You use idioms and idiomatic speech in your normal daily speech. Apart from the knowledge of words, idioms, or synonyms, you use them in right contexts. You should know the difference between words prirodzenýprirodzene and prirodzenie.

ICAO Slovak Level 6 ✅ Message comprehension

You understand everything. Not just guessing from context. If you understand English lyrics, cartoons, or non-standard expressions, you might have good predispositions for ICAO Slovak Level 6 proficiency. By the way, do you know what does it mean guľôčka v jamôčke?

ICAO English Level 6 ✅ Interaction

Your interaction in all situations is natural and simple. You regularly use verbal and non-verbal expressions.

✓ Validity of ICAO Slovak Level 6

Once passed, the license endorsement depends on your flight crew licence:

  • EASA Licence: permanently
  • national or ICAO Licence: permantntly