Language Exams for Cabin Crew

We also offer language proficiency solutions for cabin crew - the aviation English, or ICAO English.

All ProfiPilot flight exams are monitored and recorded. Naturally, you are informed about the results and the qualifications issued to you via email as well. Also, our automated system notifies you in advance if validity of your exams is about to expire. You'll no longer have to worry about your ICAO English language proficiency expiration.

Cabin crew/stewards

We offer the following services for cabin crew/stewards:

Aviation English exam of cabin crew is currently not required. Despite that, many airlines require ICAO English exam to be passed by cabin crew as well - especially senior member of cabin crew, cabin crew instructors, and cabin crew examiners.

In ProfiPilot TSP, we have designed special procedures for cabin crew language proficiency exams. It means the English language exam is adapted to the daily needs of cabin crew.

English language exam for cabin crew ensures that the essential members of air crew have adequate language proficiency which is becoming a must. We guarantee a professional level of aviation English exam performed by independent and unbiased examiners.

ProfiPilot TSP provides the special programme of aviation English exam for cabin crew. The programme is suitable for both individuals and airlines on a B2B basis. You can test the level of English proficiency of your future employees as soon as during the job interviews.

Let's cooperate

If you are a member of cabin crew who'd like to earn some extra income and organize aviation English courses or perform exams, we have an offer for you. Give us a call and we'll gladly discuss the details.

You might be a stewardess on maternity leave who wishing to retain an active contact with aviation business on a professional level.