ICAO English Franchising

It's up to you whether you want to have your own brand or make use of the Aero Language brand. The principle remains same - we back your business administratively and you provide aviation English exams and aviation English courses including the ICAO English.

ICAO English as your new business

If you know a group of people working in aviation or a friend of yours runs an airline, or any other organization where employees need ICAO English exam, we have something for you as well...

This form of cooperation is mainly suitable for:

  • language proficiency trainers
  • English teachers
  • students of English language
  • younger but also more senior (not just professional) pilots
  • aircrew and stewardesses on maternity leave

External cooperation with Aero Language gives you flexible schedule and a possibility of home office.

Aero Language provides anyone interested and meeting requirements for language proficiency examiner or language proficiency trainer an opportunity to start their own business and their own virtual company.

Becoming member of Aero Language team is very simple. After the training, you become a language proficiency examiner or a language proficiency trainer.

Aero Language gives you all administrative procedures, manuals, and certificates required to provide language proficiency exams, aviation communication exams, and ICAO English refresh seminar.

Cooperation is possible in many ways. You decide on the way.

ICAO English franchising

Aero Language - ICAO EnglishAero Language with its language assessment body certificate (SVK.LAB.04) backs the whole process of providing aviation EnglishICAO English courses and other language proficiency exams administratively. Apart from that, you also get right to provide Aero Language language services under Aero Language brand and name are provided on behalf of ProfiPilot. We take care of marketing, business cards, and all issues related to branding. We pay special attention to our marketing and building the brand awareness. You'll be able to provide language proficiency exams, aviation English and ICAO English under the brand of Aero Language.

Your own ICAO English brand

You can also create your own brand or incorporate our services into an existing company.

You'll be able to provide the ICAO English exam under your own business brand and logo. We take care of the required administrative processes and you take care of meeting customers' needs and the communication with customers.

Contact us, we will be happy to provide you with terms and conditions of cooperation individually.