ICAO English wet lease

ICAO English Wet lease - You only pay for what we really do. Simple, easy and quick.

Wet lease of ICAO English and other aviation English language services provided by Aero Language is the most frequent way to keep pilots "current".

It's simple - if you have a number of pilots or flight crew members who need aviation English exam, let us in Aero Language know. Our language proficiency examiner comes and provides the ICAO English and any other language proficiency exam including the ICAO English exam. You only pay for what we really do.

Language proficiency, which must most commonly be revalidated is the ICAO English exam.

Wet lease of our language services is, however, not limited to the ICAO English. It's possible to outsource any service we provide on a ICAO English dry lease model - for example:

  • ICAO English exam
  • ICAO Slovak language exam
  • IFR English exam
  • radio-phraseology training

....and many more.


ICAO English wet lease is simple...

...you call us, we come, and provide the ICAO English exam. The exam is done by our examiners. We're able to come every time the ICAO English expiry date of your pilots approaches. The exam can be performed during refresher training, teambuilding, or CRM training.

Who is ICAO English wet lease for?

ICAO English Wet lease and wet lease of Aero Language services is designed mainly for smaller flight schools or flying clubs. It is designed for everyone who needs to keep a number of pilots and flight crew members "current" or needs to get a number of pilots tested at the same time.