National aviation authorities

National aviation authorities, or civil aviation authorities are provides an opportunity to simplify the ICAO English exam and language proficiency exam processes and save public funds. We guarantee cost cuts and satisfied clients.

ICAO English outsourced by Civil aviation authorities

Some EASA member states' national aviation authorities or so-called civil aviation authorities completely outsource the ICAO English exams to private companies.

Pilot licenses and flight crew licenses issued by these national aviation authorities state of license issue (SOLI) have regulated processes for ICAO English endorsement.

ICAO English wet lease

ICAO English language proficiency exams and language proficiency ratings of pilots are performed by external language organizations - so-called language assessment bodies contracted and supervised by the national civil aviation authorities.

This means saving saving personnel resources of the responsible national civil aviation authority. The national civil aviation authority inspectors can therefore supervise the organization instead of providing the ICAO English exams.

Another undisputed advantage of this solution is the independent nature of the ICAO English exam process. National civil aviation authority enter the process only as supervisory agents endorsing the ICAO English qualifications into pilot licenses and flight crew licenses.

ICAO English dry lease

Another example of cooperation with Aero Language is the ICAO English dry lease. Aero Language trains an employee or staff members are entitled to provide the ICAO English exams under the certificate of Aero Language and under the aviation authority's certification. This person can be either an flight operations nspector, an officer, or any other authorized person trained specifically for this purpose.

The ICAO English exam itself is thus performed right at the national civil aviation authority under the inspector's supervision. The whole process of rating is, however, not carried out within the aviation authority, but by an impartial rater.

Impartial, fast, and effective ICAO English exam

The rating of ICAO English exam recording is performed by our independent language proficiency rater. The whole process is therefore carried out in accordance with Aero Language internal processes independent from the national civil aviation authority.

Thanks to the internally set transparent processes is Aero Language, we can secure continuous monitoring of ICAO English exam validity of all pilots under your national civil aviation authority.

Further details of B2B cooperation are tailored to the needs of individual national civil aviation authority. Contact us and we'll gladly arrange a meeting.